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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Skies Are Illusionists-Universal Consciousness

Universal Consciousness cover art

So, it's been a while since Skies Are Illusionists last EP, the stunning debut that was Replicating the Sun. Well now Cris Kailer is back better than ever with a sound that is cleaner, better produced, and more sonically engaging than the debut. One of the big complaints about the debut record was the quality of the drum sound, here that issue has been very much ameliorated. On this 15 minute long track I feel like Kailer leaves behind some of the Yes vibes that his debut had and goes more into a Scale the Summit derived feel. This track feels like a very natural evolution on the last one, and the powerful solo passages give off a nice improvised taste. They lock in very nicely with the powerful grooves that Kailer seems to deliver with ease. The sort of music you can groove and meditate too, Skies Are Illusionists has been taken to a new level, filled with powerful rhythm changes and chunky guitar parts. My one complaint is that the track is pretty long, and for 15 minutes, while the ideas stay fairly fresh, at times it's possible to zone out, I would like to hear some shorter pieces from Kailer. Yet, this only makes me more excited for this band to make their live debut. A talented musician with tons of ideas left in him, I'm excited for the future output of this project!

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