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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Abaddon Incarnate-Pessimist

There is something refreshing about a band who is unapologetically dark, evil, and possessing a borderline apocalyptic sound. When a band like this rises out of the crypt to desecrate my eardrums I get a sense of relief, it's a sort of proof that the pure darkness that makes so much metal worth listening too will never die. See, Abaddon understand how to drive the listener insane with a massive bottom end and harsh, unholy vocals that will capture your soul and cast it to the ground. Their new record Pessimist is bleak and proud of it, extreme metal to sooth the savage beast. 

Abaddon Incarnate use song titles like Warping the Necrospawn, what the hell does that even mean? I don't know, but it certainly sounds cool, and it adds to the magic of a band who seem intent on tearing you apart, limb from blood limb. Pessimist drags down the soul and leaves you a broken husk of your former self, shattered by a black metal attack from a band who understand true despair and melancholy. The sheer anger and hate expressed by some of these vocal patterns is great, the bands singer manages to push the boundaries of what he is physically capable of, giving the record a very human feel and forcing it all to a new level of death metal destruction.

Nihilistic and evil, Abaddon Incarnate have the darkness that only a band who has been around for three decades can touch on. A band who have seen it all, from the greatest triumph and the darkest pits, this is what true deat hemtal should touch on. these guys understand the genre and in a world where there are more and more poser scum who fail to understand the genre, Abaddon Incarnate stand tall. Masters of a genre God forsook and the common man fears. Join the crowd, enter the pit, and find the unholy redemption of Pessimist. 

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