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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Algebra-Feed the Ego

Algebra is a thrash metal band who are clearly steeped in Slayer worship, yet this doesn't hold them back, in fact it only drives them forward, masters of their own reality as they blast out music at hyper speeds. Algebra understand what it means to bring the mosh and the way that they force their bodies into unholy motion in the name of the strange forces of thrash metal is simply incredible. What more could you ask for than for the CD to literally rip you apart? Their new record Feed the Ego is raw and brutal thrash metal, and for those who like it fast, it speaks to the heart.

I think perhaps my favorite part of the riffs on Feed the Ego is the melodic ideas that provide stellar haunting bridges. One great example on this is on the simply frightening Egosystem which showcases some of the tightest pure old school thrash riffing I have heard in a good long while. There is a certain primitive brutality to Algebra's sound, the technical aspects are there, but like Testament, they have no trouble going into a darker place within themselves to find their music. Algebra groove like a Bay Area thrash band, a deceiving sound for Swiss thrash merchants to have. Although hey, can you really complain? Algebra deliver the goods, and at the end of the day, that's all we really need.

Brutal, primitive and glorious, Algebra understand what thrash metal needs to be about. The roaring solos betray a crazed youthful energy, the sort of thing that proves these guys understand the magic of true thrash metal. There is nothing especially new on display here, but Algebra clearly understand what they need to do in order to rip out throats and leave the listener brutalized, a thrash metal casualty. So turn it up and dive into the pit like you know you want to, Algebra are going to beat you into a pulp, so pull out your dukes and let's get down to it!

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