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Friday, July 18, 2014

AOV-Act of Violence

AOV are the kind of death metal band that I can't help but love. In a world where death metal is in large part decadent and dull, AOV keep it real with their new record, the almighty killing machine that is Act of Violence. Now, truth be told, while I say this is a death metal record, there are certainly more than a few thrash touches. It gives the entire thing a rather fun feel, keeping the mood upbeat during tracks like Shame, and even bringing the party on Blackout. Simply put, in a world where death metal is fairly common and banal, AOV still have balls and know how to keep things interesting, even if it means having to start the occasional fistfight.

See, part of the appeal of AOV to me is the way that they rage forward with sort of primal anger that makes groups like Cannibal Corpse so appealing. Yet, there is a strangely refined element here, making technical runs like the one in Suffer the Consequences much more palatable. While AOV certainly respect the maxims of their genre, they don't feel formulaic. Every new part is an exciting twist or turn, heavy metal that speaks to the soul through a mask of magical brutality and crushing bass lines. These Finns know how to groove too, some of the tracks almost have an American thrash metal vibe, it feels almost as if they are pandering to the thrash metal fan within me.
So listen to AOV thrash and kill as they mosh their way to victory. Death metal bridges and catchy riffs keep the listener engaged. AOV combine a variety of elements on their way to the top, and it's gratifying to see that their spicy creativity is starting to really pay off. Juicy solos and sick vocal lines abound in Act of Violence and it leaves me begging for more. These guys know what they want to do and how to do it, giving them music that doesn't sound quite like anybody else, but will certainly allow for thousands of metalheads the world over to fall in love.
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