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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bastard Feast-Osculum Infame

Bastard Feast are pure evil. They invert all that makes traditional music well loved and spit forth something destructive and uncertain, hateful black metal to tear out your hair and rip off your flesh. With riffs that are extremely heavy and growls that seem like they are from a different planet Bastard Feast have quickly ripped a special place for themselves in my heart. Letting the waves of unholy noise wash over you isn't always easy, but once you get a hang of the brutal power of Osculum Infame it is hard to find your way back out of these eldritch and evil soundscapes.

One of the most interesting parts about this record to me is the contrast between the extremely fast and short opening songs like Old Father against longer tracks towards the end of the record like Claustrophobic of the World and Fields of Black Cancer that get a lot more developed and can have an almost sludge metal side to them. Of course the albums ultimate song Synthetic Messiah seems to go on its own unholy path, a sort of atavistic concept album to bring down your spirit and hold you in thrall to the music. Long story short, Bastard Feast are the sort of destructive and evil black metal who stomp forward beating you to death with a shovel, piece by bloody piece.

Two albums into their career Bastard Feast, a band who were once described as "High school upstarts" by a close friend, have now turned into something greater. These dudes get what true black metal slaughter is all about. Here to eat you alive in the most inhumane way possible these guys create music that is evil incarnate and all the better because of it. So let yourself be taken in, feel the rampant destruction of sound, and hail, hail black metal slaughter, be it for good or bad, this is a band who are not to be trifled with, only vaunted, to new peaks in the dark basilica.

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