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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Corrupt Moral Altar-Mechanical Tides

Corrupt Moral Altar are the kind of extreme metal band who really bring the rage to the stage, from here to the end of the world. Their new record Mechanical Tides is the sort of crushing hardcore/metal genre spanning release that leaves you a thrall to the almighty power of heavy metal magic. Yet it is the fusion of genres and ideas that makes Mechanical Tides special. Filled with strange grooves and breakneck blast beats Corrupt Moral Altar understand what this kind of hardcore madness is about and it drives them to a new level of unholy triumph.

Be it in the Carcass styled riffing of Die Glocke to the strange clean vocals and open guitar lines that dominate Admit Defeat it's pretty clear that Corrupt Moral Altar can do it all. Not only does it prove that the guys behind Mechanical Tides are stellar musicians, but it also speaks to their talent as writers, that they could make these disparate styles all one flowing whole. There are a lot of unique riff ideas on Mechanical Tides and it's easy to lose yourself in the profound structures of chaotic and occasionally frightening sound. Corrupt Moral Altar harness pure chaos for a sound that is wonderfully destructive and inescapable, metal destruction for the masses to run from in fear.

But what if you don't run from the unholy sounds of Mechanical Tides? What if you learn to embrace the darkness and find your own unique place in the holes that Corrupt Moral Altar blow in your skull? These guys know how to groove, but they go for so much more than that. It feels strange that a band who can create such a wonderfully ugly sound could come from the same town as the Beatles. Sure they've heard that comparison before, but just think about this. Perhaps Corrupt Moral Altar are meant to be a perfect foil, the opposite of a band loved by all, an inversion of pop culture.

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