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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Conquerors-Hand In The Clouds

Hardcore with heft, riffs that groove, and vocals that are not only wonderfully violent, but feature intelligent lyrics. In todays world of overproduced hardcore with *gasp* clean vocals, is that even a reality? Surprisingly yes. Conquerors new record Hand In The Clouds is seven tracks of hardcore that, while distinctly modern, is also true to the spirit of the genre, the sort of thing that revels in hardcore anarachy yet also has some modern class. Sure there are touches of metalcore, but the undying spirit of bands like Title Fight certainly finds it way into the sound.

So what does this say about Conquerors as musicians? It shows that they are confident sitting on a crossroads of sound, combining ideas into a brave new world, giving us an insight to what the future of the various -core genres could be. This is the kind of thing that does not offend 'trve' metal guys or hardcore elitists (Well maybe a few, the production is beautiful) but also appeases mallcore kids. Does this make them sellouts? I don't think so. It merely shows that Hand In The Clouds is the sort of record that could become representative of its time. Perhaps we could even say they are ahead of their time, finding a middle path that could please fans of all forms of extreme music.

Perhaps though, I am taking it too far. Nothing on Hand In The Clouds is mindblowing, simply strangely beautiful. As I said before, it sits on a crossroads, and that gives it a very unique vibe. Not a lot of bands can claim to appease such a diverse group of fans with a sound that is as concentrated and clear as this one. Conquerors have a very clear artistic direction and these days, that is quite the statement. So let yourself fall into the void and seek to understand the hardcore magic behind a record that seeks total immersion. Find your way in, and let these seven tracks play you out.

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