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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

P.L.F.-Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration

P.L.F stands for Pretty Little Flower and Pretty Little Flower stand for the ethos of DIY or die. Their stripped back thrash-grind sound is the sort of thing that is strangely addictive. Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration their new record, combines grindcore spasms with thrash metal technicality to get a release that is quite frankly, mesmerizing. Couched behind blazing blast beats and unholy vocal lines P.L.F. leave you feeling damaged, unable to escape the unholy bonds that constrain you after banging your head off to one of the greatest bands to come out of Texas in years.

See, there is a very clear appeal to me of having a record that is this fast but maintains a steady groove. While you could say Napalm Death already experimented with groove-grind, I'd say that P.L.F. take it to another level. Metallers who might not normally listen to Napalm Death could definitely find the appeal in an ultra fast band who craft catchy riffs. Furthermore, the Angel of Death derived riffing in tracks like Fiendish Electrocution gives the band a strong musical backbone. Rather than grindcore where most stuff sounds similar P.L.F. are able to straddle boundaries and give their thrash attack a bold new flavor making them a force to be reckoned with.

In short, P.L.F. have an exciting new sound and a dedication to their music that few of their contemporaries can claim. Furthermore, they get what this sort of music is supposed to be about, Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration draws you in and then spits you out, a husk of your former self. Yes the production is crappy, but quite frankly, that adds to the fun. Let the grind take over your soul, these guys are bringing it faster and harder than anyone else and as a result they will triumph.

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