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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Deus Otiosus-Rise

Truly intimidating blackened death metal with great song structures and some very interesting melodic content. This is what Deus Otiosus stands for on their new record Rise. Toss in a few exciting solos and some circle pit inspiring riffs to nicely counteract the black metal vibes and you have yourself the sort of record that you spin again and again with the sort of perverse pleasure that only comes from this kind of music. Deus Otiosus have crafted something that is simply a joy to listen too, and frequently that's all we need.

It's interesting to listen to how Deus Otiosus fuse genres and ideas. They seem to alternate between death metal and black metal riffs rather than going for a more standard issue 'blackened death metal' sound. This is actually really interesting as it puts moving meditative passages next to groovier and chunkier riffs. This comes off especially well in favorites like Don't Fuck With The Dead which combines a powerful death metal chorus with wonderful black metal fringes. Deus Otiosus are best when they use the black metal to add flavor rather than define the sound. Their is a sort of sense of twisted grooves and unholy metal madness that infects Rise making it frighteningly addictive, the sort of thing you only fall deeper in love with as time goes on.

As you feel the stomp of Deus Otiosus start to creep up and take your heart out through your back it becomes frighteningly clear that these guys have a clear mission. They are out for blood, and they've got it. There is no escaping the legendary crush of a band who seem dedicated to all that is unholy and brutal. Blasting riffs and unholy gutturals come together in the sort of magical communion that makes death metal so good. So dig in and feel the power of a band who will not be stopped, this is death metal, and it will destroy your soul.

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