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Monday, July 21, 2014

Stormnatt-Omega Therion

Stormnatt are a very cool black metal band from Austria, and something about their sound touches me on a very distinct and personal level. Sure there album title isn't the most creative, or their music mindblowing, but it definitely speaks to the spirit of the trve black metaller within. With Omega Therion the band manages to bring forth the kind of decrepit darkness that speaks to the soul, maybe not in away you'd expect, but the magic is certainly there. Stormnatt get the beautiful darkness of black metal slaughter, and this allows them to stand tall, masters of a brave new world.

The thing is, Stormnatt understand the almighty rage that makes black metal special. Even from the opening bars of the first song we hear unholy shrieks roaring out of the speakers. At the same time, there is something really engaging about the finely crafted riffs, they penetrate the soul and leave me in awe. Stormnatt are rising above their peers and dishing out death metal destruction at its finest. There is a bridge on the first track, Ascension of the Scarlett Angel which leads into perhaps one of the definitive passages on the record, just showing evidence as to the roaring might and strange triumph of a band who truly get the glory of this genre so many look down upon.

In conclusion, what do you really get out of Omega Therion? Well personally, I find a sense of enlightenment, a way out, a way forward, into the future as I identify with something greater and more powerful than myself. Four albums in, Stormnatt have proved that they are truly legends on the scene and should be regarded as such. The incredible vibes this record gives off are not to be taken lightly, and in my opinion make it a piece of art that is truly worth keeping. So let it consume your soul and revel in the magic, Omega Therion is black metal done right.

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