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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guilty As Charged-Leap of Faith

Here I am, living after midnight, unsure of where the wind will take me next, but only knowing for that right now I have to join Guilty As Charge in taking A Leap of Faith. Bad puns asides, Guilty As Charged have put out an interesting and tight little thrash record here. Sure some of the tracks drag on a little long, but Guilty As Charged are bringing in some cool new ideas into their sound allowing them to stand tall above legions of imitators and peers. Replete with chunky mosh riffs and big choruses, these guys have an exciting new take on the genre.

Leap Of Faith roars into your eardrums for nine dynamic tracks, and each song has something fresh to bring to the table. The thing that really makes this record worth listening too for me though are the riffs. Whoever does the songwriting for the band is clearly a sort of genius. The riffs are angular and interesting, easy to latch on too and fun to bop along with. These Belgians have a very clear approach, falling within the thrash metal genre, but unafraid to let up a bit and even incorporate some clean vocals. While this may not necessarily always work too well, I think the basic idea is solid, and with some refining they may be able to better incorporate cleans into the sound.

So, what more can I say other than feel the grooves and see where the wind takes you? I've never had my life planned out to far in advance, and neither should you. It's record like these that drive us forward, with clear song structures and passionate vocal lines engaging the listener and giving us something to mosh too, even when we feel tired and broken. As I prepare for my evening meditations, I simply have to think, these guys have it figured out, despite the madness that surrounds them and their music, the clear attack of Leap Of Faith that Guilty As Charged may very well be lords of a new generation of thrasher.

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