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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Idre cover art

Idre is not a band you get on first listen. Hell, they're not a band you get on tenth listen. They're the sort of thing you immerse yourself in, and then find your way around. Instead, this is the sort of group who you fall in love with after a few spins, once you start to get a grasp for the immensity of their travail, their position as a band with a wholly unique sound that is at once incredibly loud, and beautifully thought out. There is a very clear magic behind their new record also titled Idre. These Oklahoma natives have birthed something majestic unto the world, it's loud and proud and quite honestly, hard to get a true grip on. The oftentimes tuneless vocals give the entire thing a rather otherworldly vibe. The way the music ebbs and flows is intricate and exciting, the tracks are so long it's hard to get a solid grasp on it too, instead you're just left there, trying to figure out up from down in a world where God seems to have gone crazy. Bury yourself in the sound and find the way out, Idre are crafting surreal and glorious worlds, and once you open your soul up to them, there may not be a way out.

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