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Monday, July 21, 2014

Columns-Please Explode

I get a certain sick pleasure out of deathgrind, especially when it's being delivered by musicians who not only have a clear love for the genre, but also have a pedigree in destruction. Columns new record Please Explode is the kind of mind altering madness that only a true master could come up with. It's hard to immediately understand what Columns in on about, but once you manage to find your way into the blasting madness of a record featuring songs like "Punching Nancy Grace," "Bear Molester," and "Laid of for X-Mas" you certainly feel a sort of perverse reward.

There is a definite sense of groove on Please Explode, if it comes as a result of Southern sensibilities or simply because the musicians thought it would sound good I don't particularly care. All I know, is that even from the opening bars of Mudfucker, you know that no matter what, you will be able to latch on, it's holding on for the duration of the record that poses the real challenge. In the long run, it leaves us battered and broken, men who can't take the attack of an incredibly brutal band who are seemingly out for blood. As they roar through song after song it becomes clear, Columns understand deathgrind in a way that very few otheir peers could claim.

So what is this aberration that North Carolina has birthed? Columns are the kind of band who don't care what you think of them because they are going to run out of the starting gate, screaming like banshees, no matter where you put them. Feel the groove and enter the pit, Please Explode is the kind of the record that shows us the true bleak nature of America. Columns are like unholy prophets, dishing out uncomfortable truths in the most brutal way possible. So come forth my friends and feel the primitive destructive force of this band, there is no way out.

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