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Monday, July 7, 2014


Now this is a sick demo tape. Incubus are one of the most legendary bands on the Florida death metal scene yet I had never had the privilege of hearing the demo that started the madness. Featuring harsh screams and primitive riffs, this is the kind of record that proves Incubus to be veritable metal masters. The bottom end crunch of songs that were written in extremely hot weather can not be matched. Toss in a simply unholy delivery and you have a band who seem to be a sort of Slayer plus. Similar ideas, but a whole new level of brutality.

Incubus have an attack that is primitive and evil, powerful to an extreme. This is heavy metal for the truly depraved. The delivery of the vocal lines on this demo is insane, their is a very clear, almost inhuman vibe to the music here. The raw chaos of tracks like Engulfed in Unspeakable Horrors is beautiful and speaks to the young and beautiful glory of the Florida death metal scene at the time. The way that Incubus lurch forward, drunkenly and evilly is also great, once more attesting to a scene that god forgot. A final little bonus is that this record features on of the earliest examples of death metal English, with twisted lyrical passages that boggle the mind.

I don't know what more to say at this point other than that this is the sort of thing that makes Vic Records great. Incubus is a truly top notch demo, and it fully merited re-release. As the band storms through these three songs you get a look at the undying magic of music that seemingly was torn from the pits of hell. This is a special record recorded at a special time and place. Listening to it is like gazing into a vision from another time, so feel the love and smell the glove. This is music of undying brutality. Incubus understand heavy metal, and they will show you that it is good.

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