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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shards of Humanity-Fractured Frequencies

Shards of Humanity is the kind of all out old school death metal band the world can only do with more of. The way that they roar forward, unapologetic in their apocalyptic death metal destruction... what more could you want from a death metal band? Shards of Humanity have a very clearly defined sense of evil around them and it allows them to rage forth, unholy minions torn from the dark roots of the earth. Riff happy and proud of it, their new record Fractured Frequencies will smash your skull in as you groove yourself six feet under.

See, part of the appeal of Shards of Humanity is that it sounds so inhuman as if we have been torn apart, slaves to some sort of greater, darker master. The insanely fast breaks that the band seems to launch into nonchalantly are beautiful. Tracks like Species Enslaved show a band who know how to deliver music at a thousand miles an hour. Toss in screams, shrieks, and all manner of unholy utterances and you find a record that seems as if it was mixed in Tartarus. Shards of Humanity understand the beautiful evil of the Florida masters and they want to bring that into the twenty first century. Are they bowed in worship to the old greats? Yes, but that only makes them better.

In short, if you love the old Death records, honor Obituary, and mosh to Morbid Angel, well, you may have just found another great record to rock along with. Fractured Frequencies is the kind of triumphantly desperate death metal destruction that soothes the soul. Sure it's ugly and fragmented, but doesn't that describe humanity? Say what you will about this record, but any album that has a song named "Internal Rot" can't be that bad. Shards of Humanity understand death metal and because of that, they will ultimately triumph.

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