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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Invidiosus-Malignant Universe

Invidiosus are the kind of grinding death metal band who rage forward, incredbily fast and angry, heavy metal madness for a public who need something a bit crazier than your average group. With a wonderfully dirty sound, a huge bottom end, and lots of tasty riffs, their new record Malignant Universe sets the stage for the rage to come. Invidiosus have all sorts of fun and flashy frills that set them apart, and give them a certain depth and power that few of their peers can compare too. Just listen to the power of a track like Divine Invasion and tell me you're not impressed.

Perhaps the first thing strikes you about this record is the crazed anger behind the vocal lines. Invidiosus deliver their death metal attack with a certain mad desperation that only true masters can communicate. There is also the fast and loose playing style that dominates a lot of the riffing. Sure the playing is technical, but it's not always ultra-precise, and in this case that's a good thing. It makes Malignant Universe sound a lot more human and realistic. The chunky and oftentimes slightly evil riffing on tracks like Exacerbated Psychosis is a lot of fun to jam too, it shows off a Slayer vibe, only now with much more frighteningly evil grindcore mixed in for good measure.

Filled with tasty solos and brutal lyrics, Malignant Universe is a death metal record for death metal dudes. This is the sort of album you fall in love with and spin again and again, not because it breaks new ground necessarily (Although, Malignant Universe does fuse genres in interesting ways) but simply because it feels so right. Invidiosus know what it means to rage, but also they know how to think, from triumph to tribulation, Invidiosus are going to guide you, smashing your head into rocks along the way. So jump in the pit, you know you want to!

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