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Friday, July 11, 2014

Reality Grey-Define Redemption

Reality Grey are a very tight death metal band who mix touches from several sorts of death metal to get a defined sound that is interesting to listen too and filled with all sorts of nifty twists and turns. While there are certainly a lot of melodic death metal elements to the Reality Grey sound I don't konw if it would be right to truly call them a melodic death metal band. The groove and crunch of tracks like Rot Of Nation shows that Reality Grey is much more than that and Define Redemption is much more than just another clever punto use as an album title.

I think part of what appeals to me about Define Redemption is the way that all of the songs have a very clear forward motion. Even in the slower parts or quasi-breakdowns that some of the tracks have, you can still tell where the music is going and each song, even those that gently fade out, has a satisfying resolution. I think a large part of this is the very groove metal oriented riffs. It gives a very American touch to an Italian band. The songs on this record are extremely tight and blat forward with a sniper-like precision. The solos are ferocious though, they give no quarter, adding an almost Slayer derived feel, albeit a bit more virtuosic and melodic.

A product of great production and stellar songwriting, Define Redemption is proof that Reality Grey are definitely going to be a metal force for years to come. This band has been around for a decade now, and it seems like they are starting to get the recognition they deserve. They have a distinct sound with all of the rage you could ask for from a death metal group. Feel the crazed vibes and the screaming might of a band who refuse to acknowledge God and you will realize the almighty power of a death metal band who will rip you apart, limb by blood limb.

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