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Friday, July 18, 2014

Methedras-System Subversion

Methedras are the sort of groove heavy thrash metal band who immediately draw you in with killer riffs and then force you to stay with a gritty attitude that can not be beat. 18 years into their careers these thrashers are pumping it out better than ever, loud and proud metal merchants who seem set on tearing out the throats of the innocent and beating the weak to death with a rusty shovel. Falling into the infectious grooves of this band is frighteningly easy and it will leave you broken on the floor, not sure if you should flee or beg for more.

What's interesting about Methedras is that these Italians seem to find a sort of balance between Bay Area thrash metal and Swedish death metal. The combination of party hearty riffs with crunchier and angrier pieces is really interesting. It makes their new record System Subversion have a unique taste, with feet in two different genres. It's hard upon first listen to make either head or tail of this record, but it's instantly apparent that these guys know what they're doing and still have the rage that burned so fiercely within them when they started this band in the 90's.

Long story short, what am I really trying to get across with this review? Simply, Methedras get what death metal should be about and this allows them to triumph with their guttural vocals and circle pit inspiring riffs. (Especially in regards to tracks like Subversion) What more do you need from a thrash metal band? Methedras are bringing something new to a crowded genre and they are not afraid to keep it up, and now it seems as if they are finally starting to triumph after years of adversity. So feel the groove and stomp it out, System Subversion wants you to thrash tonight!

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