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Sunday, July 13, 2014

No Fucks Given

Gold Tooth In A Mouth Full Of Rotten Fillings cover art

I've been reviewing a lot of grindcore lately I feel, but you know, I kind of like it. The latest offering from that blackened pit that is my email inbox is No Fucks Given, a blast-tastic grindcore band from good old Leeds. These guys have a simply inhuman vocalist and guitar riffs that leave you battered and broken. Toss in a couple of groovier passages along with some breakdowns and you have a wonderfully constructed grindcore record that will keep your body moving in all directions for days on end. Their new record Gold Tooth In A Mouth Of Rotten Fillings lives up to its name, making No Fucks Given a band who rise above their dank Leeds surroundings. Make no mistakes, No Fucks Given are artists, who one day may even sit alongside Tony Harrison as great creative figures from the region. This is the music of urban desperation, a band forced into a bleak situation who can not find a way out of the grim pit they have been forced into. So let yourself be taken in and feel the terror, No Fucks Given understand grindcore and will slam your body to the curb.

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