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Monday, July 14, 2014

Trauma Field

Harvest cover art

Trauma Field are a very interesting new atmospheric metal band from Finland. There music has a few unique twists to it, not just because it is Scandinavian, but moreover because it seems to be very far removed from almost anything else on the scene. Sure there are a lot of metallic elements in the sound (growled vocals, heavy guitar, etc) yet these are contrasted with a very laid back and open atmosphere. This is not the music for the evisceration of posers, but rather something to meditate too and to find inner peace with (Not that that can't be done with other genres) There is something distinctly reflective about the Trauma Field sound, it speaks to the heart and soul, keeping you engaged and thoughtful, trying to find your way in a brave new world. Be it in the power metal-esque clean vocals or in the dominating growls, it is easy to get lost in the music of their new record Harvest. Enter the void and find your way to a brave new world, this is a pioneering metal band and by their sword they shall stand.

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