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Monday, July 14, 2014

Sam Haiman Band

Sam Haiman Band EP cover art

I've lived in America for almost three weeks now, yet since coming here I have yet to find a band that just screams America with their sound and ethos. Now, with the powerful chords of the Sam Haiman Band I can say I have. While the music is not blatantly patriotic, there is a clear Americana vibe going down here. There is something distinctly human about Sam Haiman's (The main songwriter) voice. He fills your speakers with a sort of spirit of the heartland. There is nothing too technical about the music on the bands new record accurately titled Sam Haiman Band EP, yet it has a lot of spirit. Try to listen to Ballad of Broken Hearts and not get what my generation call "feels". Meanwhile, tracks like Running on Empty seem to sympathize with the common man and the brutality of the human condition in lower class America. Simply put, Sam Haiman knows how to write a song and it seems pretty clear that he's put all his years of experience into a finely honed sound, one that reflects the spirit of an artist who seems to be reaching for the sky. 

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