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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Warlord-We Die As One

We Die As One cover art

There is something strangely comforting to me about a death metal band that has been doing their thing for more than twenty tears. These English metal lords are the kind of guts who stood tall next to Bolt Thrower and maybe even Napalm Death, dealing destruction to all who came by. There is a wonderful sense of groove on their new record We Die As One, it's the sort of release that pumps through your veins and fills you up with blood, fire and steel. We Die As One is sort of the culmination of the bands travails, seeing them stand firm after years of tribulation.

I think a big part of what keeps me so interested in this record is the colossal bottom end. Try to listen to the bass riffing on tracks like Masses Gather In Masses and not want to start a circle pit. These guys go for the gut, contrasting epic guitar lines with fast and brutal riffs. The growls are wonderfully low and brutal, they give a nice old school touch to the music. The roughness that defined so much of the old school is more or less hidden though. Instead, lush production allows firm melodic lines to burgeon under a crushing attack. Warlord seem to play with a sort of confidence that only comes from being involved in this scene for years and weathering out the ebbs in the scene, allowing them to have a unique, and poignant look on the music that draws us together.

As the circle pit dies down we must take a moment to look at ourselves. Warlord seem to be showing us the darkness within and the punitive might of music that can have an almost suffocating heaviness. Spiralling solos nicely compliment blast beat riddled passages, the construction of these songs is intricate and powerful. to say the least, Warlord know what's up, and this is allowing them to bring the mosh three decades into their career. Feel the grooves and open yourself up to the deathly vibes, this is what heavy metal is all about, and the gods tell me it is good.

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  1. Thank you for such a great review. Glad you enjoyed the album, we are proud of the album and now myself and Brooks are working on the 4th and intend to raise the bar even higher, only tonight we were working on new tracks.
    Thanks again \m/ Mark Warlord White .