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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

XII Boar-Truck Stop Baby

I'll admit it, XII Boar is one of my dad's favorite bands. I think something about the bands raw grooves and their English sensibilities really appeals to him and men of his generation. See, XII Boar have a lot of grit, perhaps more even than Motorhead, yet they are also legitimate enough that it doesn't make them look silly. This three piece have recently unleashed a new almighty single, Truck Stop Baby, the kind of track that speaks to the smelly adventurer within all of us. See, it seems to me that XII Boar get something about humanity that many of us aren't turned on too. Sure lot's of us look down on smelly old rockers who never learned, but XII Boar seem to revel in that image and use it to fuel a sludgy sound which has the potential to appeal to thousands of fans of heavy music. XII Boar, rock, roll, and oftentimes slaughter and if you like rock music that will leave you gasping for breath and at a loss for words, then Truck Stop Baby is a single you're going to have to check out.

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