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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bloodsoaked-Religious Apocalypse

Now here's a nifty release. A new album from Bloodsoaked that contains three originals, two badass glam metal covers and four live tracks. I'm not sure what to make of this, it's certainly cool though, and an awesome introduction to the band for a Bloodsoaked newbie like me. Their new record Religious Apocalypse is interesting because it gives us a full scope of the band, from their new ideas, to their guilty pleasures. Getting a feel for the bands live stuff is great too and certainly keeps the record fresh, freshness being a quality far too few death metal records can boast these days.

There is something wonderfully meaty about the grooves on Bloodsoaked's new tracks. Songs like Abomination are strangely reassuring in their crushing destruction and obsession with gore. These songs don't rely on pig squeals or slam parts, but rather a huge bottom end that leaves you feeling beat up and broken. Every blast beat strikes below the belt, leaving you a husk of your former self by the time the record is over. The covers though are perhaps my favorite part of the record. You haven't lived until you've heard a death metal cover of a Cinderella song. These guys know it's silly, but they still do it incredibly well and it makes their reprises of songs that are pushing 30 incredibly fun.

Simply put, I love this kind of clearly enunciated death metal. The fact that the band have a sense of humor and great taste in glam only serves to bring Religious Apocalypse closer to my heart. As I let the grooves of Religious Apocalypse overcome me, it feels sort of right. This is what death metal is all about, old school magic that rings of blood, fire, and death. These guys are great songwriters and triumphant musicians. What more could you ask for from a death metal record in 2014? Dive into the pit and dance to Cinderella, Bloodsoaked know where it's at.

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