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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

7 H. Target-0.00 Apocalypse

7 H. Target is the kind of blasting deathgrind band who have strike a special type of fear into the hearts of neighbors everywhere. "What if the new members of our community listen to that kind of filth?" they might ask. See, 7 H. Target's new record is the kind of destructive death metal with a brutarian stomp that only metalheads get. There is a certain perverse joy to be had from songs like Cyborg Kombat that only this brand of fiddly and ultra violent death metal can have, sure it may not technically be music, but damn is it fun to listen too.

After two listens I start to think I understood this record, but only then did I realize how deep the rabbit hole goes. Target 0.00 Apocalypse has the strange ability to get even more terrifying over time. How is it that it took me three spins to fully appreciate the glory of the riff on Meatball Machine Story? Hell, why did it take me that long to realize that this record has a song called Meatball Machine Story. You may say this is all stomp, but in fact there are a lot of tight little fiddly bits that help to keep things interesting and exciting. The rhythms may be chuggy and occasionally loose, but that only makes a very inhuman band seem a bit easier to understand, sonic destruction for the modern teenager.

In closing, I beg you this, just turn this record on all the way and let it consume you and your neighbors souls. There is a demonic might to 0.00 Apocalypse that will make you a slave to the groove, pounding your bones to dust and cracking your skull with its immense bottom end. As the epic growls open up to create rotten soundscapes on the album closer S-94 you start to realize, 7 H. Target have crafted the kind of unique and terrifying sound that only true masters can touch on. The depth of depravity is the reason that 0.00 Apocalypse can stand tall as a true death metal powerhouse.

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