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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Noveria - Risen

They say that all roads lead to Rome. Which could be the case that I stumbled upon Noveria. An Italian metal band originated from Rome. Noveria proves that heavy metal combined with power metal is far from dying out. The amazing combination between the instruments and the voice from Francesco is a gem to listen to. After listening to the first song, not counting the instrumental The New Age, I am craving for more.

Which I will get from Downfall. It starts with a grunt I did not expect to hear and it is great to hear the rough edgy sound here and there. Although the titles could have been more innovative it doesn’t take away that the music is an absolute joy to listen to. From the technical and melodic keys to the rhythm of the guitars and the high vocals it all fits together and I am not a second bored by it. The intro of Paralysis is a lot darker than the previous songs and I love the grunts that finds its way between the normal vocals.

The longer the album continues, the heavier and darker the instruments start to become, and it is a great switch between the songs. They all keep their identity but are still completely different than the song before it. The same goes with Ashes and Fear, it keeps getting rougher and rougher. As someone who is really into death metal, I really like it. My conclusion is that every single metal head should check this album out. Risen is a great heavy metal album and it will bring a lot of joy to fellow headbangers.

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