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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Castle Freak-Still Rotting

It's funny when a promo copy of a record lands in my inbox mere days before I'm supposed to go see a band play live.  Today's offering is the new record from Castle Freak, a band who have what can essentially be called an old school death metal sound with all sorts of unique twists. These Philadelphia death merchants are the kind of guys who are playing something that reaches much further back than many of their peers playing 'old school death metal' and the Repulsion worship found on Still Rotting is strangely satisfying, proving the eternal glory of this band.

As the band crashes into their new EP's first song Beneath These Streets you start to get a sense for the raw energy and madness that defines Still Rotting. There is a certain wonderfully demented glory that this record has. If nothing else, Castle Freak now how to pull out your still beating heart and hold it bloody and triumphant above their heads. This is the sort of music that you eviscerate the innocent too, in the words of my roommate "Their singer doesn't give a fuck," and frankly, this is glorious. Feeling the almighty vibes of Still Rotting may completely disable you, there is simply so much good stuff going on, it speaks legions of the bands power to touch on something much greater than themselves.

The chief drawback of Still Rotting is that it is far too short. Sure, this sort of music isn't meant for truly long form discs, but nevertheless, it would be nice to hear even a half hour long release from Castle Freak. As is, Still Rotting is another great step in the right direction as this band continues their path towards ascension. Though it may only be a few minutes long, this is certainly the kind of thing you can spin again and again. Lovers of death, destruction, and all that is unholy will certainly find something to connect to here, and if nothing else, it will get you into the pit.

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