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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Warhound-Next Level

Warhound are the kind of super aggressive and gloriously heavy hardcore band that make the genre so triumphantly destructive. These guys understand the spirit of the music and with their new record Next Level they stand up as masters of the genre, lords of a type of music dedicate to expanding minds and crushing skulls. There is a certain glorious humanity to the music on Next Level allowing Warhound to really connect with the fans, roaring high and proud above their peers with music that, while starting to become refined, stil screams of the street. 

I think a large part of what makes this record so interesting is the use of hip hop ideas to give the music a certain blasting glory that few of their peers can touch on. Their is a certain magical groove that makes tracks like Anger immensely palatable. In a way, Warhounds sound reminds me of .downset. They understand how to make music that catches you with its groove and then drives on home with a hole slab of harsh vocals. There is something demonic about the thrashy attack of the vocals, they come out of the vocalist as if torn from a demon, they fit in perfectly with the soaring crunch of the bottom end and the pit enticing rhythms that will never end.

In short, Warhound have put out the kind of hard hitting hardcore hatred that will grab you by the throat and then beat your head into the wall. These guys have brought the pit into my dorm room with their stomping riffs and dedication to distortion laden licks that can crush your fucking skull. Warhound don't give any fucks, and this makes them all the better. Spit out from a gutter Warhound are not going to stop until we're all dead. So prepare yourself for some of the most triumphantly angry and bone crushing hardcore that will keep you going until your bones are a pulp.

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