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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Interview with Tyler Carnes from Noisem

At This Is Hardcore I had the chance to speak with Tyler Carnes of Noisem and find him to be a most excellent dude. We got a cool interview in where we talk about his music and more, if you like death metal with a bite, you need to check out his band.

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So how have you been?
Great dude. We have a new seven inch coming out. I guess this is the first official part of the first part of the tour. It actually starts on Sunday, we're doing the first date in Cleveland. We leave on the 14th to tour with Full of Hell. We have the demos for our next album done and we're recording everything soon.

Is that record going to be out this year?
Probably spring 2015.

Have you got a European tour planned now?
It's been talked about but I guess the biggest problem with that is finances I guess. That's the main problem at the moment. We want a decent amount of support. People have been asking for it though.

Noisem has kind of been hailed as part of a new wave of death metal bands made up of young guys doing something exciting, how would you feel about that kind of description?
I definitely agree with it. We're young a death metal band!

Nergal came out and criticize American death metal, but people actually like you, how does it feel to be in that kind of position?
I guess it's a good compliment. I guess I take pride in the fact that we're a younger band coming out at this time period. It's difficult to be a young band. I'm 18, Travis is 19, the others are 16, 21 and almost 20. It definitely means a lot to us when younger kids are into us.

I know older metal dudes into you, how does that feel?
It's cool. We have plenty of years of experience, they could say that we sound like shit but apparently they like us. Music is music it doesn't matter how old you are. If you have an ear for a certain type of music you can always like it.

Do you go to school?
None of us go to school. We all work, but that's pretty much what we worry about when we get home.

How long have you been in this no school situation?
For me about two years.

Is it surreal to be out on the road like this?
Certainly. It's definitely a difficult thing to become accustomed too. We've been trying to get to this point our entire lives. We're trying to work to get something better.

It's a very interesting time with super young teenagers touring, do you think that's going to be a much more recurrent phenomenon now?
It's definitely cool. It doesn't matter how old you are if you have songwriting chops and can play your instruments.

Call of the Void dedicated a song to you, how do you know them?
We played with them on a two day tour. We played Brooklyn and Delaware Deathfest in October last year. When we played in Denver on the Carcass tour we stayed at their guitarists house.

They don't have that cheesy generic sound so many bands have these days.

Is that what you're trying to do with Noisem, something fresh and new?
It's not necessarily appealing to a trend. It's just what we like. We like old school grind so let's write some of that shit. I think a lot of the newer stuff is influenced by D-beat, grind, old school death metal and stuff. We want to put all that stuff together. I personally enjoy the new stuff.

How is it an evolution?
It just has better songwriting. If you listen to the record you can tell it's a Noisem record, it's just a progression on what Agony was.

Did you consciously want to keep the key elements?
I write lyrics and Sebastian does the music. For him, I think he's just able to write this kind of music. The new stuff is different in certain ways but it's still identifiable as Noisem.

What band would you kill to open for?
The Cure, Duh! (Laughter) If it was a metal band I would love to go on tour with Repulsion. Horrified is definitely one of my top five records. We played with them in San Francisco, Scott Carlson is a straight up dude. Sebastian was telling us that Scott Carlson said he really enjoyed our Repulsion cover.

I want you to finish this sentence for me, "I've never told this story before and probably shouldn't but..."
We're the biggest nerds ever. Have you ever played Jim Power the Lost Dimension 3D on Super Nintendo? It's like Contra on crack. It was similar to this game Alien Wars. It had similar graphics and a level set up. One day I couldn't get past the first level and I was at it for 10 hours. It was to the point where I was tearing my skin off and bleeding. That was pretty miserable, but I have told that story before, so I guess it does not apply.

I showered naked before. That shit's crazy.

What do you love so much about music
I hate music.

Last words of wisdom?
I started from the bottom and now I'm at the bottom.

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