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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Iron Reagan-The Tyranny of Will

Here's the thing man, Iron Reagan get hardcore and thrash in a way that almost none of their peers do. There's a reason that Iron Reagan are one of the few bands who have the honor of their logo being carved into my desk. Their new record The Tyranny of Will is the sort of hard hitting music that is required to keep the genre alive. Hell, this may be the point where Iron Reagan has eclipsed Municipal Waste as the best band that Tony Foresta is involved in. As the band grind their way forward through 24 of the most exciting tracks of their careers, you have to take heed to the rapidly growing might of this band.

What I've always loved about Iron Reagan is the fact that they manage to keep grooves that directly engage metal dudes like me. Toss in the occasional guitar solo on tracks like I Won't Go, and you immediately realize that Iron Reagan are on top of their game. The startling intros (and audio samples) really allow the record to remain exciting and fun. The anthemic nature of a lot of these tracks is very much in the spirit of true hardcore and I could see them going down very well in a live context. These tracks all bring the rage and Foresta's voice roars out louder and prouder than on many recent releases. On top of all this, The Tyranny of Will shows us some of the best hardcore riffage to come from Phil Hall in a little while. In other words, Iron Reagan have nailed it.

As the band charges through track after track of oftentimes fun and very political hardcore tracks it's hard not to find yourself wholly embracing the glory of this band. They've finally started to manage to pull something together, a record that is special and destructive, the sort of deal that's going to leave you crashed out on the floor begging for more. I for one am very excited to see where this release and the magic of upcoming stuff from the ever-prolific Iron Reagan take the band. As is, with two dozen new tracks to destroy stuff to, I certainly can't think of a better way to end the summer.

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