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Saturday, August 16, 2014

The King Is Blind - The Deficiencies of Man

Death metal is one of those genres where bands go far outside of their means to produce quality material.  What you don't see in Hardcore and Punk, despite their notably heavy work ethic, is the commitment to crafting quality records early on in your career.  The King is Blind, with only 504 likes to show on their Facebook page, have proven their ability to deliver with The Deficiencies of Man, a four song EP showcasing calculated power.  In spite of their limitations, The King is Blind have put forth a release that is not only more mature than could be expected from most bands in their position (likely because of the origins of their members), but also more interesting.  The lyrical content remains engaging throughout the album even where the instrumentals may not fully deliver (they do admittedly become repetitive at times), and some of the more enticing doomy riffs and solos delivered on the first through third track allow forgiveness for the somewhat stagnant pace of the fourth title on the record, which carries on a bit invariably for the first two minutes before finally changing it up to a satisfying riff-fest, ending the album on a high note.  One of my only legitimate quarrels with this album is the flat-sounding drums, but even that cannot detract from a well-written release from a band that has only achieved local recognition at this point.  Solid work, gentlemen.

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