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Monday, August 25, 2014

Jig-Ai - Rising Sun Carnage

Rising Sun Carnage cover art

I get a certain perverse pleasure out of grindcore, and as I sit here on my first day of classes, I have to say, their is some very reassuring about it. Jig-Ai's new record Rising Sun Carnage is a perfect example of the destructive and oftentimes humorous might of grindcore. Songs like Hard Cock Cafe and Rest in Piss make me want to laugh out loud, and their punishing grooves and hyperspeed blast beats make for some damn good listening as well. Rising Sun Carnage is the sound of pure sonic destruction, and I have to say, I really like it.

Simply put, Jig-Ai understand why stupid kids like me love the primitive glories of bands who seem destined to crack skulls between their bare hands. One thing in particular to note is the cool drum fills, while there are a lot of blast beats (as befits any good grindcore record) there are some bits that are especially tasty. In particular I dig the intro to N.G.I.T.S.B. a song whose lyrics I can't decipher (Seriously guys, put out a lyrics sheet, that would be hilarious!) but I'm sure it's wonderfully inappropriate. These guys have been raging for eight years, so it makes sense they are getting to the top of their game, but I certainly would like to see them reinforce the sense of groove that they seem to have so finely developed. Groovy tracks like Yan Zing Butchery are among the best on the record.

In closing, this record will make you laugh, cry, and hurl. Rising Sun Carnage is wonderfully destructive and it's not going to change any time soon. The massive bottom end will simply keep roaring, raging forth with the might of a legion of bears. Jig-Ai are not to be trifled with and they are going to bash your skull in with a sound that seems to have been torn from hell itself. So dive in to the pit and feel the unholy motion take overy your soul. Rising Sun Carnage is unholy in its glory, dark in its majesty, and simply put, the perfect music to piss off your neighbors with. 

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