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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lonely Kamel-Shit City

If nothing else, Napalm Records is putting out some of the best rock and roll I have ever head this year. The latest and greatest achievement of theirs is Lonely Kamels masterpiece, Shit City. (Ironic that I review this on the day I suffered from mild food poisoning) Their unique brand of hard partying rock and roll will keep you going for the show. Shit City is the kind of chaotic slice of rock and roll magic that makes the entire genre worth it. Sure it's insane and surprising, but that's the point. Lonely Kamel are ultimately the sound of liberation, a band who will triumph and allow us to stand tall.

The thing that ultimately will drive you to insanity with this record is the four on the floor rhythms which never seem to let up. Even the gentler tracks really only serve as segways to more rock and roll madness. Shit City is an exquisitely crafted album, engaging the listener from top to bottom with riffs, solos, and hooks galore. The clearly blues oriented vibe of the whole record keeps the record strongly based in its roots. The groovy rhythms on tracks like Is It Over ensure a wonderfully old school feel. Lonely Kamel may be 21st century electro-space hippies, but they certainly aren't going to forget their musical ancestors and the guys who made their brand of rock and roll possible.

So come on out and feel the magic. Lonely Kamel get rock and roll, and are part of why the Napalm Records roster is one of the most exciting in the rock and metal world right now. As these guys howl their way to the top it just feels good to surrender yourself to the shake rattle and roll of Shit City. Sure the world around may continue to get worse, Europe may break into war, ISIS may nuke us, but ultimately Lonely Kamel and bands of their ilk make it all okay. They ensure us that no matter what madness goes on in the world around, rock and roll will stand tall.

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