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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Studfaust - Where The Underdogs Bark

What better than to start my morning with the punk apocalypse called Studfaust? The debut mini long play of the Norwegian band is called Where The Underdogs Bark and it has a couple of songs of the 7" single released two years ago. The reason question is, what kept them so long?

This mixture between rock 'n roll, punk and metal is a sure fix for many metal heads, turn it up to eleven, get a beer and throw it to the person next to you and start moshing. It surely is a waste of beer and the music compromises it. Songs like Where The Underdogs Bark, Street Judge's Gavel and Erection of the Egoist are all incredibly catchy songs that it is almost impossible to stand still on. The downside is however that the long play only lasts twenty-one minutes. Although it is not rare for punk to be short, I am craving for more.

In all the songs are exactly what you would expect for a good punk band, the songs are catchy, they are rough and you will go home with a sore neck. They saved the best for last, 1980's ladies is a song you can sing along with after hearing it for the first time. It sticks and Studfaust is doing their job. The album came out on August 15th, so pick it up!

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