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Monday, August 11, 2014

Miseo - Lunatic Confessions

There are some of those days that just start better than you expect them to, this day is exactly one of those days. Today I am reviewing the first full long play of Miseo called Lunatic Confessions. Miseo might not ring a bell at first, but when I say Milking The Goatmachine and Lay Down Rotten, an alarm should trigger that this is going to be killer.

The three-headed abyssal Miseo comes from Marburg in Germany and it is exactly what you would expect from a German metal band. It is strong, powerful and tight. After the first couple of songs I hear no surprises, just pure death metal filled with hatred, which is exactly what the band is aiming to do. This continues throughout the album, it is a strong and a straight into your face piece of art. The exception however is Five Star Doc that not only sounds dark but is also completely psychotic, this horror movie intro is straight-up insane.

If you are familiar with Milking The Goatmachine and enjoy it, you will definitely enjoy this album. It has the package of death metal you need. Just give your neighbors a head start before you start playing this, or not..

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