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Monday, August 11, 2014

Rebellious Spirit-Obsession

A very young and exciting hard rock band from Germany, Rebellious Spirit are standing tall in the shadow of the likes of Axel Rudi Pell (who they will be touring with soon) and the Scorpions. These guys have a great understanding of what they want to do, hard hitting and passionate hard rock music that speaks to the soul. Their new record Obsession is some of the tightest and most fun rock music I've heard in a good long while. Unafraid of pop hooks and flashy solos, Obsession is a fun record to listen too and leaves you begging for more.

What Rebellious Spirit get is the power of an epic chorus. The way that their songs are constructed to slowly swell into epic parts that leave you headbanging with the horns raised is impressive. Simply put, it means that Rebellious Spirit is fun to listen too, and frankly, how many bands in this day and age can claim to have even that simple feature? Sure, Obsession doesn't always break new ground, but it shows a band who have a fairly distinct sound which keeps things interesting for me. I think ultimately, what sets this record above the heads of its peers is that the guys in Rebellious Spirit are top notch songwriters with an ear for melody, this alone makes them veritable legends in their own lifetimes.

So what's next for these young hard rockers from Germany? I get the feeling that their youthul exuberance and triumphant energy will allow them to take the world by storm. The music on Obsession is simply a joy to listen to and shows us that true rock and roll will always exist in some form or another. Rebellious Spirit get what glam, hard rock, and all of that noise are really meant to be about and they make it so that Obsession stands tall as one of the most exciting and pure releases I've gotten to cover in a little while, so come on in, check it out, and feel the vibes!

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