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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Of Spire & Throne

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Of Spire & Throne are the kind of magically sludgy group who use a colossal bottom end to leave you twisted and torn, distraught on the floor, crying out, lashing out, begging for more. The incredible forward trudge of this band is hard to stop, Of Spire & Throne understand what it means to crawl forward, inch by screaming inch, slowing tearing all of the flesh off of your body. The band crunch forth, these are not men by the traditional standard, the creatures behind Of Spire & Throne are beings of pure bottom end destruction. Toss in growls that are sick, unholy and filled with primitive hatred, and you start to get a sense that Of Spire & Throne might not be the kind of band who you just listen too and then cast asides. Their new record Toll of the Wound is three tracks of frightening doom metal crunch that will leave you ripped and torn. So feel the vibe and try to absorb a band who understand what it means to feel sorrow, tribulation, and desperation. Of Spire & Throne may heal your weary soul.

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