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Friday, August 8, 2014

Onkel Tom-H.E.L.D.

Tom Angelripper is something of a thrash metal legend, so it's always cool to get a chance and step back from his work with Sodom and check out the unique and fascinating sounds of his side project, Onkel Tom. Though I may not be able to understand the lyrics, or even the press release, there is something special about this record that allows it to speak to any fan of heavy metal, not just all you thrash kids. Angelripper has crafter a release that runs the gamut, from proto-death metal type tracks to an acoustic closer, this is a record that leaves you in awe at the musical might of a true genius.

See, in his years of work Tom Angelripper has figured out a way to craft songs that don't rely on the lyrics as much as the sheer vibes. Tracks like Ein Bisschen Alkohol prove this, as this rather simple party anthem with a chorus of "Alcohol" repeated again and again speaks to heavy drinkers across the globe. Meanwhile, Angelrippers gnarly voice over top of the acoustic track Ich bin noch am Leben provides a new dimension to this legends music. So while you may get the thrashy madness you have come to expect from this man, don't be surprised when you find all sorts of fun deviations that create a record that is worth many a spin, in large part because you have to ask yourself, "Did he really just do that?"

Feeling the vibes let off by this record is a pure joy. Onkel Tom has always been a pretty fun project and I think it's kind of exciting to get such a personal peek into some of the less Sodom-like ideas running through Angelrippers head. With big choruses and fun riffs throughout, H.E.L.D is a pleasure to listen too, it keeps you bopping for its 46 minute duration and I never want it to stop. So come on in, feel the magic of a man who truly understands metal. This is the sound of liberation and by god, is it good. Stomp into your weekend with one of the most fun solo records I've heard in years!

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