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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Planet of Zeus-Vigilante

I had a thing going earlier this year about how 2014 is a great year for rock and roll music. I still stand b that statement and am gratified to get to hear this latest release from the Greek rock lords Planet of Zeus their new record Vigilante is the sort of hard rocking and destructive record that reflects the enduring magic of Chuck Berry's music. With harsh vocals and absolute tons of groove, Vigilante charges out of the gate as a record that not only speaks to the glory of the genre, but also a band who have been paying their dues for 14 years and might just deserve a major break.

When I hear the balls out riffs on Vigilante and the way in which they compliment crazed solos on tracks like the album opener, The Great Dandolos I have to wonder, how have I not heard of these guys before? Planet of Zeus is the sort of bottom end heavy madness which I adore, unafraid to latch on to Clutch-derived riffs that reek of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Planet of Zeus understand the fundamental nature of rock, in all of its chaotic and strangely beautiful glory. Now as they sit, months after their third release in six years, you have to admit that Planet of Zeus know where it's at. As they scream, rock, rattle, and roll out of your speakers it's impossible to deny the vibes these guys drum up, and in the long run, what do we like about this music asides from the vibes man?

Maybe I'm a romantic, or just an idiot, but when I say that Planet of Zeus are one of the last pure vestiges of what rock and roll music is about in Europe I am not joking around. Already one of Greece's best selling acts, I'm really excited to hear how the sound of a band who are so unabashedly destructive is going to evolve. It's the sort of thing that, while violent, has a massive potential appeal and leaves me begging for more. These guys are chaotic and raw, and I love every second of it. So turn up Vigilante and revel in the destruction, after all it's only rock and roll.

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