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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Low Frequency In Stereo-Live at Molde Jazz (feat. Kjetil Møster)

Now here's a record that's weird even by my standards. Recorded all the way back in good old 2009, The Low Frequency Stereo, a lauded experimental act from Norway had a legendary jam with the mighty Kjetil Moster, a gifted young saxophonist. Now I sit here reviewing their hour plus long jam, the sort of anarchist and destructive record that leaves us all reveling in the almighty glory of the power of the saxophone as an instrument to guide a group of virtuoso musicians through strange soundscapes and bizarre worlds. Psychotic reactions and carburetor dung define this type of music and by god is it glorious.

The thing is, Live at Molde Jazz is very much a saxophone driven record. From the first track The Money Shot, which is a Kjetil Moster solo, you see this is largely his show. With unholy squeals emanating from a saxophone that seems able to cover an incredible range and variety of sounds, Kjetil has crafted something that leaves you feeling strange. When the rest of the band comes in on later tracks you get a sense for the raw chaos that embodies the music. Every once in a while a voice layers in, coming in on top of the many strange sounds going on at once. It creates an almost Hawkwind type vibe at times. There is some basic structure, but a lot of the record (Especially towards the end) goes into full on jam mode. These guys are unafraid of making music that twists and turns every which way, in fact, in large part this makes their simply psychotic sounds all the better.

Normally at this point I'd tell you some hippy dippy shit about 'feeling the vibes', yet, with Live at Molde Jazz that might not be the right thing to do. If you were to really try to 'feel the vibes' on Live at Molde Jazz you might just go insane. The Low Frequency In Stereo and Kjetil Moster feel no need to follow your rules, and in fact, probably just revel in breaking them. Instead just open your mind and try to grasp the sort of raw unadulterated chaos that defines their music. Their is no true understanding of this record, you only come to a greater peace with it, so try to do that, otherwise it might just drive you mad.

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