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Friday, August 22, 2014

Steak-Slab City

There is something strangely comforting about well put together English rock and roll. Steak are the kind of band who seem to reflect this, this English quarter have a loud and proud distortion seeped sound filled with all sorts of psychedelic trips and large lumps of carburetor dung. Finding your way into this album is easy, but navigating the oftentimes freakish soundscapes and unholy grooves is not always immediately apparent. Steak rock, rattle and roll for the length of their new record, Slab City, making the sort of groovy masterwork that will shine for years to come.

From the first there is a very clear drive on these songs, every riff is clearly leading towards a sort of chaotic musical climax, total bliss in the world of blood feasts. A lot of the solos on this record don't really exist to show off fancy guitar work but rather to add to the raw madness of the record. This is scene as early on as the first track, Coma, which features an almost frightening opening riff. There is a sort of primal beauty to Steak's music, a beauty that can be traced as far back as the bands name. The music reflects the name, its tough, grimy, and not for the faint of heart, in other words, Slab City is exactly that, a slab of the city poured directly into your eardrums.

As I face down the next great adventure, I am left knowing this, Slab City and records of its ilk will always be there to guide me, and they can guide you too. Remember, whenever you feel alone, go into your record collection and visit your friends, and be sure to make new ones. For me at least, Steak could very well be among my new friends, their pentatonic driven sound is the kind of thing any fan of rock music can latch on too. Feel the joy of these strangely precise compositions and simply open your heart, this is rock and roll madness and by god is it good!

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