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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Last Charge-Anima Sola

The Last Charge are the kind of brutal hardcore band that use a colossal bottom end to deliver the destructive sort of music that crazy old coots like me thrive off of. Their new four track EP Anima Sola is the sort of deal that uses raw groove to plow through legions of kids trying to stage dive. There is a cutting might to the music on Anima Sola that you don't find in a lot of hardcore records, allowing The Last Charge to stand tall as a monument to the power of what hardcore should be all about. In other words, these guy have it figured out. 

The thing is, The Last Charge know how to rage hard and fast, unapologetic in the face of adversity. Anima Sola is ultimately triumphant because it so wonderfully contrasts hyper speed grindcore beats with chuggier hardcore grooves. In other words, it kind of uses the notion of contradiction in rhythmic cells to weasel its way into your head until you are enthralled with the music. These guys stand and deliver hardcore that was not meant to be just cast aside, no, The Last Charge is the sort of hardcore that founds revolutions. The apocalyptic glory of songs like Forever Alone has made it such that The Last Charge have rapidly gained a special place in my heart.

Now, sure this record is only four songs long, but to be honest, that actually just makes it a bit more real. I don't think I could take a full length of material this heavy or simply insane, but a groovy 15 minutes is certainly palatable. These guys have a very clear artistic direction which is saying something in such a crowded and oftentimes generic genre. So come on in and let the bone crunching smash of this band karate chop its way into your soul. The Last Charge GET hardcore and they want to shove it right down your throat.

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