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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Evol Walks

Evol Walks is the kind of triumphant ass kicking rock and roll that makes the genre so goddamn worth it. This female fronted group has gutsy riffs and powerful vocals that belt out over top of the mix, launching the band into glory. Simply put, Evol Walks are fun to listen too, and this is clear from the first. Their tracks like Heartbreakin' Woman and Black and Blue describe the kind of badass hard living women who are all too familiar for some of us. See, Evol Walks know how to groove with simple bluesy licks that will engage fans of groups like AC/DC or even Judas Priest. The roaring vocals courtesy of the mystical Leah Martin-Brown who in the space of just three songs is able to show herself to be a true rock goddess, the kind of dark queen who impresses, and not just because she's a girl. She has an impressive range and a sharp bite to her vocal lines. So come on in and feel the triumphant beats of a band who seem destined to succeed, not just some wannabe gods of rock and roll.

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  1. Great review of some awesome rock music. Love it!