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Monday, August 11, 2014

Weedeater-And Justice for Y'all

I remember being fifteen years old, I had met my first electro space hippy on the internet and was just starting to get hip to the whole drug thing. This cat was talking to me about the dry rot in modern metal and turned me on to a couple sludgier bands. Chief among these was Weedeater. Here I sit, three years later with the chance to review their seminal release And Justice For Y'all, and I'm finding words can not do this remastered masterpiece justice. What can I or any other critic say outside of simply stating that Weedeater understand what defines the glory riff?

As a matter of fact there's a whole lot left to be said. A lot of the time I don't like remasters, especially of records I spent my high school years listening too, but this one is different. Somehow the geniuses over at Season of Mist were able to enhance the pure fuzziness of this record and make it a sort of cathartic thing. There is something wonderfully comforting about the roaring might of And Justice for Y'all, it speaks to the triumph of Weedeater as a band. The way they trudge forward before slipping into a fast bit is magical. One thing I had almost forgotten about this record was the cover of Truck Drivin' Man. I've always felt like more bands should do covers, and this one seems to simply add to my case. It speaks to the soul of Weedeater as hard living Southern sons who just want to play loud guitar music.

So maybe I read to much Hunter S Thompson, but maybe Weedeater are really on to something. The guttural cry of "It ain't over yet" in Monkey Junction speaks to the incredible power of this band to put out something that will simply leave you in thrall to their almighty sound. If you want to worship the riff and really feel the essence of one of the bands who created the modern stoner/doom scene then this remaster is a must. On top of that, Season of Mist are the first label to put these guys out on vinyl (Is it just me whose surprised by that?) So what have you got wait for? This is Weedeater at their best and Season of Mist have only made them sound better, so dig in and worship that bottom end.

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