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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Black Jesus

Everything Black Everything Dead cover art

Here's another top notch band where it's all in the name. Black Jesus are a hard hitting oftentimes vicious death metal band from Melbourne. Their is attack is old school and wonderfully brutal. The blast beats that accentuate the whole thing help to keep it electric and inspiring. These songs are funeral rites for a demented priest, and I like it. The unholy grooves of tracks like Reek of Crucifiction (Yes, spelled 'crucifiction') nicely compliment some truly sick growls. Everything about this band reeks of the pure darkness that is death metal. As you dive into circle pit inspiring riffs i'ts hard to smile a bloody smile and consider firing up the proverbial chainsaw. Simply put, Black Jesus are a lot of fun to listen too because they so clearly rip in a way that would totally piss off your mom. Death metal from the crypt, yet that any fan of the genre can mosh along too, these guys seem to have some really cool ideas that provide new interpretations on old formulas. Now if only I could get them on the same stage as my friends in Castle Freak...

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