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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bleeding Utopia-Darkest Potency

Bleeding Utopia have a very distinct death metal sound, the kind of thing that sounds like an amalgamation of a variety of different bands, but comes off with its own distinct twist. This is the magic of Darkest Potency a record that has tracks with Amon Amarth flavored tracks as well as (old) In Flames derived ones.  It creates a beautiful sort of balance, almost divine and immaculate in its conception. Bleeding Utopia have created a death metal record you can latch on too and which you ride from start to finish, up and down across all sorts of diverse and powerful soundscapes.

The grooves and hooks are essentially what defines this record. Bleeding Utopia is not the sort of death metal band who necessarily break boundaries, but within the borders that the band put themselves, they are able to craft tunes that keep the listener interested and excited for the entire record. While on some level these tracks aren't surprising, they are certainly enjoyable, they roar over the eardrums with all sorts of distinct twists and turns, things that fit into the death metal mold, but seem surprisingly fresh. There is a certain reliability to this record that allows it to come across using old ideas in an exciting and oftentimes promising new context.

In other words, this is the sort of record that any fan of heavy music will be able to dig into and enjoy. These guys create music with very distinct grooves that reek of classic European death metal. These songs are meaty and a joy to dig in to. Darkest Potency is the sort of release that you spin again and again, because it is both hard hitting and distinctly comfortable, a death metal record that allows your heart to soar. Bleeding Utopia understand the glory of death metal and want to share it with the world, so come forth and rage, this is what heavy music about, and by god is it good.

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