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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cropsy Maniac

Terrifying and demented grind from Portland, Oregon. Well that's one way to kick off what promises to be a rad evening. Cropsy Maniac are the kind of twisted grind band who get how screwed up they are and revel in it. Just take a minute to look at that cover art, these guys are not human and that makes them even cooler. There is something strangely appealing about song titles like No Longer Human and Rotting Things. These are not songs for everyday folks to enjoy, no, these are strange masterworks that can only speak to those who have been turned on to something grim and evil. This is grindcore that makes children cower in fear and mothers cover their childrens ears. The bands new record Shear Terror! is a little bit sick, but for me that only makes it better. If you can stomach it, Cropsy Maniac might be your new favorite grind band, but first you have to get past layers of distortion, strange production and screams that seem ripped from the bowels of Tartarus itself.

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