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Saturday, September 27, 2014


Crushing and apocalyptic doom metal from the Canadian wastes, what better way to cap off a Saturday? Sure, today I may have had to face the horror of my parents and *gasp* other people, yet things get better when you dig in and find peace through nihilistic doom. From the freakish sampling at the beginning to the demonic cry of "I'm just a child" that closes out the bands new track Fell Down A Well, you know that these guys are the real deal. Loud, vicious, and strangely perverse, Algoma don't mess around when they want to bring the doom. With harsh vocals that feel as if they are being ripped right out of the bands vocalist, it's hard not to love the nihilistic sounds this band creates. As you get swept into the colossal bottom end and suffer under the suffocating might of the sound, Algoma create a sort of out of body experience. These guys are entertaining and strangely beautiful. Feel the vibes and try not to cry, this is what doom should sound like, and by god is it good.

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