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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Deep Kick-Human Buzz

Time fore another record that might not be standard Two Guys Metal Reviews fare. This time I'm bringing you Human Buzz a new release from Swiss rockers Deep Kick. This new record is powerful and oftentimes enchanting. With stellar production and a great songwriting sensibility, Human Buzz is the kind of thing that you latch on too and have difficulty forgetting. This is a band who have been honing their craft for five years and now seem to be at the top of their game, ready to take over the world.

The funk rock rhythms that seem to define so many of the songs on this record are nicely complimented by wide soundscapes. The guitar tone is fairly thin and jangly, but surprisingly that's not a bad thing, in fact it gives the music a very lighthearted almost visceral quality. The vocal melodies are really well done and give you something special to latch on to. They slot in nicely over the chord progressions and help to keep things engaging. The occasional moments of sampling provide a welcome relief though, a nice little pause before diving back down the rabbit whole of funk rock which is at time simply cosmic. 

As you dive into this record, it's easy to find the glory of a record that kind of gets to the core of funk rock. Above all else, Human Buzz is not only fun to listen too, it is also intelligent and eye opening. Sure, this isn't usually my type of music, but Deep Kick have been able to transcend the common boundaries of the genre to create something exciting and more powerful. As I find myself more and more deeply invested in my record I find myself tempted to check out other bands of their ilk. With flashy solos and fun rhythms, Human Buzz is definitely worth checking out!

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