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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Deserted Fear-Kingdom of Worms

Time to bring the sacrifice to the almighty death metal altar. Deserted Fear are a ferocious death metal horde whose new record Kingdom of Worms is the kind of triumphant release that reeks of something old, as well as something new. Old school death metal grooves are employed here alongside more modern ideas to get an incredibly satisfying album that will get you off, spin after spin. This is the kind of thing that true, and pure death metal is all about, raging until you can't rage anymore.

There is something truly fulfilling about songs like Wrath on Your Wound and The Agony. In their hyper speed (And often hyper technical) madness, they reveal a certain depth to our humanity. The music of Deserted Fear touches on something very primal that I think lies within us all. The grooves found here are tight, they show how maddeningly precise this band can be when they try. The punishing attack of some of these tracks is actually a little bit shocking. In 2014, it's hard for me to be impressed by a death metal band, but I think that these guys do it. With a thudding bottom end that drives right into your heart along with multi-layered compositions, it's easy to fall in love.

The delicious epic riffage of songs such as the eponymous track, Kingdom of Worms is going to help you fall into the void. Deserted Fear open up a gigantic pit of a soundscape and the look down is terrifying. As you reach into this record you will find angels and (mostly) demons. The crazed attack is not one that is easily forgot and the tormented vocals could very well haunt your nightmares. This is the sort of death metal album that could provoke a circle pit at any time, so check it out and try not to mosh too hard!

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